Imagine… a University without boundaries without campuses and without limits

Imagine… a University without boundaries without campuses and without limits

One where universities work with other thought leaders and activators in business, government and the community, to create and advance knowledge, ideas and resources that allow everyone in that community to thrive in their purpose and direction.

One where neither titles nor roles, affiliations or backgrounds, disciplines or institutional borders, walls or regulations limit interactions or partnerships between individuals and groups. One where we all truly respect and celebrate diversity, each individual’s strengths and their contribution to, and impact on, the betterment of life.

Imagine a place and time of unlimited curiosity and wonder, of learning and ideas, of innovation and fulfilment. One where you never begin and you never leave, but one that you instead feel an integral part of throughout your life. Or, in other words, imagine a university truly fulfilling its role as the lifeblood of the community, nurturing, protecting and encouraging free speech, critical thinking, entrepreneurialism and growth.

Then zoom out, and imagine all universities as the beating hearts of their local, regional, national and global communities – universities that jointly help optimise a system for life.

It is this vision that ignites my passion and that of so many around the world. And it is these people who will see this future come to life.


Carolin Plewa is Professor of Marketing and Stakeholder Engagement at The University of Adelaide, the Deputy Director of the Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre, as well as a research member of the Institute of Photonics and Advanced Sensing. She specialises in the interaction and value co-creation across a myriad of organisations and individuals, with a particular emphasis on university-business collaboration, as well as service and social contexts. Her research in the context of university-business engagement, in particular, has led to her appointment to the South Australian Science Council (2015-2018) and to her appointment as an inaugural co-chair of the University-Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) Australia Chapter. Professor Plewa has published her research in international marketing, management and education journals, such as Journal of Service Research, European Journal of Marketing, Psychology & Marketing, Journal of Services Marketing, Marketing Theory, R&D Management, the Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, Education and Training and others.

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